Viburnum ‘Pink Dawn' shrub

Plant Picks: Valentine's Day Rose
The rose began its symbolic history in Greek and Roman iconography associated with Aphrodite, or Venus the goddess of love. The red rose symbolizes love, beauty, courage and respect and many are sent on Valentine’s Day. Surprise your valentine this year with other colors such as a white rose symbolizes such things as true love, purity and charm. A pink rose conveys happiness, greatness and poetic romance. Lastly, a yellow rose which creates warm feelings showing someone the joy they bring you. Whichever color rose you choose to communicate to family, friends or spouse the rose is an ideal and timeless choice to let them know your feelings.


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February 2018

A Sign of Spring
With the extreme cold and snowy weather we could all use a dose of spring. The Philadelphia Flower Show is back in town and the theme this year is “Wonders of Water”. This is a great event to get excited about spring, gather ideas for the garden and see what is new and popular in the green industry. We will be attending the event and looking forward to seeing and learning about new ideas and plants to use in our landscape designs. The Flower Show runs from March 3-11. For more information about the show go to We hope to see you there!

Dogs vs. Invasive Species
A group called Working Dogs for Conservation are training dogs to sniff out invasive species. Many of these dogs are high energy pups from shelters. They are trained to detect the presence of invasive pests ranging from Star Thistle to Emerald Ash Bore (EAB) before it becomes unmanageable. In Montana, these dogs have been helping locate emerging ‘Dyer’s Woad’ a highly invasive plant that has taken over the Mount Sentinel area after a decade of human scouts and volunteers trying to control the plant. The first year the dogs got involved they located more than 500 plants though 96 percent had already produced seed. By the second year, however 95 percent of the plants were detected before they set seed and within four years the area experienced a 98.9 percent reduction of this plant. These dogs are now being trained to detect the presence of EAB from egg though larva to adult stages, contributing significantly to the eradication efforts of this invasive pest.

Spring Designs
Spring is a great time for planting! Have you always dreamed about having a beautiful landscape, but did not know what to plant and how it should look? Have Leydon Landscaping design your perfect outdoor living area using plants that will thrive, have multi-seasonal interest, and add value to your home. Our APLD certified designer, Noah Downs, will create a design that will stand out and be enjoyed for years to come. Visit our updated website at to see the various projects Leydon Landscaping have installed.

Visit our newly updated website at to see the various projects Leydon Landscaping have installed and services we offer.