Pink Peony

Plant Picks: Peonies
One of the best known and dearly loved perennials is the peony. With their beauty, fragrance and trouble free nature, peonies thrive almost everywhere in the country. With great longevity as well, situated peony can bloom for well over 100 years with little or no attention. Peonies prefer a sunny location with well drained soil and good air circulations. There are hundreds of peony varieties from heirloom favorites to exciting new colors (peach, coral, yellow), interesting flower forms and a variety of bloom times. You may also try growing a tree peony which blooms earlier and has larger blooms than a herbaceous peony and can grow up to six feet tall.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: May 2017

Time for Annuals
From a small patio container or flower box, to a large area, annuals are a great addition to your landscape. They accent your landscape and will provide continuous color throughout the season up until the first frost. Now that May 15th has passed, which in our area is considered the last day for frost warnings, it is time to think about adding that wonderful burst of color to your garden. Leydon Landscaping, Inc. can help you design and install the perfect annuals to use for that special spot in your garden whether it’s in full sun or shade.

Help Offset Declining Bee Populations
As we plan our spring gardens, consider adding pollinator friendly trees and plants to provide food and habitat for bee populations that are in decline across the country and worldwide. Many bee species negatively have been affected by habitat loss, change in climate, disease, and pesticides over the past several years. We can help rebuild bee communities with simple changes to our landscape. Diversity is key in the garden; you need to have a succession of blooms from spring to fall because different pollinators fly at different times. Having diversity in your garden will bring a variety of bees, butterflies and other beneficial pollinators. By providing pollinators food and habitat we, in turn, protect our own food supplies. When the flowers go away, the pollinators find themselves in trouble. An example of this is our green monoculture lawns that have no value for bees because violets and clovers do not exist. There are many plants that attract pollinators and add beauty to your landscape. Call Leydon Landscaping for information on plants that will help our friends the pollinators.

Outdoor Living Space
As the weather is getting warmer you are spending more time outside and relaxing in your backyard. Have you been thinking about enhancing your outdoor living space? Now is the perfect time for planning and planting your new landscape. Contact Leydon Landscaping Inc. to discuss installing your dream outdoor living space. Our designer Noah Downs will transform your ideas into a reality.

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