Fertilizing plants

Why Fertilize?
Plants need adequate food to sustain healthy growth. There are 17 essential elements for plant growth and development. Three of the seventeen elements are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, taken primarily from air and water. The other fourteen elements must come from the soil or added fertilizer. Primary elements are nitrogen (N), which promotes rapid growth of leaves and stems and is a key ingredient to the dark green color of the foliage. Phosphorus (P), stimulates root growth and improves the strength of the plant. It also stimulates bloom development. Potassium (K), helps in the plant development and increases disease resistance and hardiness. The remaining elements (secondary) are used in lesser quantities, but are essential for the plants growth and quality. There are many types of fertilizers both chemical and organic available. Leydon Landscaping chooses to use fertilizers that are organic, free from harmful toxins and chemicals. They cost less to use than chemical fertilizers and are safe for the environment.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: March 2017

The Warm Days of Winter
The warm days of February have left us wondering if our little furry friend “Phil” was right about six more weeks of winter. We have been basking in spring-like temperatures that have reached into the 70’s. These record temperatures are coaxing trees and shrubs buds to start swelling early and forecasters are predicting warmer than normal temperatures in the upcoming weeks. Normal high temperatures at this time of year are in the 40’s. If warm temperatures continue and then we get a cold snap or a frost those buds can be killed off. Our colorful spring landscapes of blooming shrubs and trees like Magnolias, Cherry trees and Pears will be reduced to burnt brown petals. Hydrangea, yet again, will not have blooms this year. Not only is the beauty in our backyards in jeopardy, but also our orchard crops. We all want warmer temperatures and look forward to spring…. but not so fast.

Spring Cleanup
As winter comes to an end, we can now start to look forward to the warmer days of spring. The winter winds this year have caused a lot of damage to our landscapes with fallen trees, broken branches and garden beds littered with debris. Leydon Landscaping is now scheduling our customers for spring cleanups. This service would include the cleaning out of all garden beds, bed edging, pruning of small trees and shrubs, fertilizing plants, applying weed control and installing our premium bark mulch. For those of you that enjoy added early color to your landscape or enhancing the beauty of your spring bulbs, we can add pansies at this time as well.

Planting Designs
Spring is a great time for planting! Have you always dreamed about having a beautiful landscape but did not know what to plant and how it should look? Have Leydon Landscaping design your perfect outdoor living area using plants that will thrive, have multi seasonal interest, and add value to your home. Our APLD certified designer, Noah Downs, will create a design that will stand out and be enjoyed for years to come. Call Leydon Landscaping now to schedule an appointment for the spring.