Sapsucker holes

Plant Picks: Sapsucker Control
A common cause of tree damage is from a sapsucker which is a species of woodpecker. The yellowbellied sapsucker is native to the eastern United States. Sapsucker tree damage is very easy to identify. The holes are about a quarter inch in diameter and are drilled (pecked) in horizontal or vertical rows close together. Unlike other woodpeckers, the sapsucker is actually drilling for sap not insects. Drilling can cause harm to the tree that can lead to other insect and disease problems. There are controlled methods to discourage sapsuckers such as repellants and shiny objects that can keep the bird away. Like all woodpeckers, sapsuckers are protected by federal law so we must act responsibly in controlling them.


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July 2017

What and When to Prune
A starting point for pruning any plant is to remove dead, diseased, or damaged stems as soon as you can. Dead stems and branches attract insects and can invite disease. Also remove crossing branches, water sprouts and suckers. Spring blooming plants such as lilacs, forsythia and azaleas produce flowers on wood formed from the previous year. The best time to prune them is late spring after flowering. If you prune too late in the season you will be removing the flower buds and decrease the amount of spring bloom. You can lightly shape spring bloomers late in the season but keep it to a minimum. Summer blooming such as spirea, butterfly bush and crepe myrtle produce flowers on new growth from the current season. They can be pruned after they bloom in the fall, winter or early spring. By pruning in late summer or fall the plants will be ready to start growing in the spring and will look kept through the winter months.

Summer Pruning
Leydon Landscaping is now in the process of servicing our clients with our summer pruning program. Now that the burst of spring growth has slowed it is time to prune your shrubs, perennials and trees. At this time we also offer bed maintenance which includes weeding, insect control, and general cleaning out of garden beds. Contact Leydon Landscaping today to get on our schedule and get your plantings back into shape!

Summer is a great time for planning a landscape design for a fall install! Have you always dreamed about having a beautiful landscape, but did not know what to plant and how it should look? Have Leydon Landscaping design your perfect outdoor living area using plants that will thrive, have multi-seasonal interest, and add value to your home. Our APLD certified designer, Noah Downs, will create a design that will stand out and be enjoyed for years to come.

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