Ornamental Winter Grasses

Creating Winter Interest
Our winters can be long and cold leaving the gardens looking barren and lifeless. By selecting plants that provide visual interest it’s possible to make winter a season of natural beauty. Trees and shrubs with exfoliating bark adds interest to the winter landscape. The use of plants with colorful stems and twigs can add a high impact when planted in large groups. The use of ornamental grasses provides color, texture and movement to the winter garden. Lastly, and most popular, is adding plantings with berries or cones that persist throughout the winter.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: January 2017

Winter is the Time for Designing
Now that the busy holiday season has passed it is time to get in touch with us with your landscape design needs. Contact Leydon Landscaping to discuss your dream outdoor living space. Whether it’s a cozy outdoor fireplace, a kitchen for warm weather cookouts, a perennial garden to view from your window or a patio to sit with friends and entertain, Leydon Landscaping can assist you. Lighting designs are also available. Using low voltage outdoor lighting allows you to extend your outdoor festivities later into the evening. Whether you want to up light a specimen tree, the front of your house or light up a walkway with path lights we can meet your needs. With a planting, hardscaping or lighting design completed this winter you could have that dream become a reality, and start installing in the spring. Our designer, Noah Downs, can help provide you with ideas and designs to bring color, beauty and excitement to your landscape.

Why Hire a Landscape Designer?
A professional landscape designer can take your ideas and transform them into a well thought out and properly arranged design. A well designed landscape creates a positive first impression of your home, increases property value and can provide a sense of well being that lifts your spirits. A designed planting improves a property with a rich pallet of beauty, color, texture and form creating outdoor spaces to enjoy and entertain. A good landscape design is practical and functional. It can provide privacy screening, security and answers to environmental variables such as drainage and extreme temperatures. A landscape design allows you to either install immediately or implemented over time. Leydon Landscaping’s designer, Noah Downs, is a certified member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD). This association is dedicated to the highest standards of the landscape design profession. Members strive to increase public awareness of good landscape practices and to be ecologically sensitive.