Groundcover Benefits
What will reduce weeds, limit mowing, prevent erosion, grow where it is too shady for grass and provide a transition in the landscape? The answer is groundcover. There are many different types of groundcover that can be used as an alternative to the use of herbicides and mulches. Once established most provide weed control and require minimal care. There is a large variety of groundcovers that have soft or stiff foliage, spreading and upright form, finer or course texture and many shades of foliage color. Many have an added bonus by producing flowers and berries. There are many varieties of groundcover that are widely available such as vinca, pachysandra and liriope that will grow well in our area and add beauty as well as function to your landscape.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: February 2017

Time to Move the Landscape
Do you have a large shrub or tree that has outgrown that perfect spot or has never been in a great location? The best way to avoid these moments is to plan from the start. Sometimes no matter how carefully we plan our landscape it needs to be moved from its current location. Maybe you are planning to build an addition onto your home or install a swimming pool. Moving large shrubs and trees can be done. The first thing, is to hire a professional with knowledge and the equipment to do the job successfully. A professional can inform you whether the tree or shrub is worth the investment, explain how it will be prepared and moved along with instructions needed for post transplanting care. Early spring or fall is the best time to transplant trees and shrubs. Other considerations need to be addressed such as the amount of sunlight, ground moisture, soil ph, and wind exposure to ensure a transplant will be successful. If done properly and post care is given, the plant should thrive in its new location and add to the beauty of your landscape. Leydon Landscaping can help you with all your transplanting needs. Call now to make an appointment for early spring.

Play Spaces for All Ages
The yard is not just a play area for kids anymore. People of all ages are enjoying the outside more these days. They want places to play, relax and socialize. Whether it is a bocce court, dining area with a fireplace or an open space for pets there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. After years of plunking wooden structures in the yard to climb, people want designed spaces that encourage interaction. Leydon Landscaping can design and install that special space for you and your family to play and entertain in the comfort in your own backyard.

A Sign of Spring
With the cold and dreary winter upon us we can all use a dose of spring. The Philadelphia Flower Show is back and the theme this year is “Holland: Flowering the World”. This event that dates back to 1829 and attracts 250,000 visitors, is a great way to help us get excited about spring, get new ideas for our gardens and to see what is new in the green industry. The Flower Show runs from March 11th through the 19th, for more information go to Hope to see you there!