European honey bee extracts nectar

Plant Picks: Pollinator Food
While most plants are finished flowering by late summer, the bees and butterflies are still on the lookout for food. Luckily plants such as the Snow Queen Hydrangea, Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’, ‘Petite Plum’ Butterfly Bush, ‘Baby Joe’ Joe Pye Weed, and Russian Sage have evolved in order to provide pollinators with a steady source of food until late autumn when they hibernate. Some of the late bloomers mentioned have seed heads that will provide birds with much needed food in the winter when food sources may become scarce.


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August 2017

Summer Pruning
Leydon Landscaping is now providing clients with their summer pruning and cleanup program. Now that the growth of spring has slowed it is time to prune trees, shrubs and perennials. Contact Leydon Landscaping to get on the schedule and get your landscape back into shape.

Fall Installations
Have you been thinking about creating an outdoor living space or enhancing your curb appeal? With fall around the corner, now is a great time to plant so call Leydon Landscaping to design and schedule your fall plantings. We are also scheduling for other fall projects such as outdoor kitchens, ponds and outdoor fireplaces for those cooler nights.

Benefits of Deep Watering
Watering our landscapes for longer periods of time and less frequently will aid in the deep watering process. Deep watering encourages deeper rooting, which leads to stronger, healthier plants that will not dry out and get stressed in times of drought. Plants that are stressed tend to be more susceptible to disease and insect damage. This type of watering (once or twice a week) works well with most municipal water restrictions. Shallow frequent watering, on the other hand, leads to shallow root systems which can dry out very quickly in the summer or freeze in the winter. When you water daily the subsurface soil becomes saturated and oxygen cannot reach roots causing fungus and disease. If you have concerns about the amount of water you are using on your plants, please call Leydon Landscaping so that we can help you to make the necessary adjustments to ensure your landscape plants are happy and healthy.

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