The American Holly Tree, a symbol of holiday cheer.

American Holly
The American Holly tree (Ilex Opaca) known for its symbol of holiday cheer offers much more. This native evergreen tree yields red berry like fruit, which is enjoyed by a variety of birds. Its dense pyramidal shape with branching from top to bottom adds unique beauty to the landscape reaching heights of 40’-50’. It can be used as a focal point or for privacy screening in your landscape. American Hollies prefer full sun to part shade with well drained acidic soils and is resisting to many diseases and insects. Another benefit for using the American Holly is that it is deer resistant.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: December 2016

Happy Holidays!
Leydon Landscaping would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. We would like to thank all of our clients who appreciate quality and have trust in a company that strives for excellence. We look forward to seeing you in the spring.

Are You Ready for the Winter?
Before winter arrives here are a few things for your gardening check list that should get done. Make sure your landscape plants are adequately watered, it's been very dry this fall. You want to get this done before the ground freezes so that the water can get into the ground and not runoff. Evergreens especially need to be hydrated for the winter months. Remove weeds and debris from garden beds that can harbor diseases, insects, and animals that can girdle plants by gnawing at the bark. Protect your plants from animals by installing netting or using a repellant spray. Protect pots and containers from freezing winter temperatures. Don’t forget to shut off outdoor water supplies, drain hoses and irrigation systems.

Winter is the Time to Design
With a design completed this winter that dream landscape can become a reality and be installed in the spring. Our designer Noah Downs can provide you with ideas and designs that will bring color, beauty and excitement to your landscape. Call Leydon Landscaping now to set up a time to meet and discuss landscape ideas.