Our plant pick of the month is Flowering Quince, which is a deciduous shrub known for its red, pink, salmon or white flowers that bloom from late winter into very early spring.

Plant Picks
Flowering quince is a deciduous shrub known for their red, pink, salmon or white flowers which open from late winter into very early spring. This shrub is a relative of the rose and produce hard, apple like fruits that can be cooked into jellies or marmalades. Some people dislike the plants’ thorns and loose growth habit. Fortunately, breeders have addressed these issues and new cultivars of flowering quince are available. Some bear beautiful pedaled flowers that resemble camellia blooms, but without the fruit. They have also been bred to grow shorter, staying 3 to 4 feet tall instead of topping out around 6 to 10 feet.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: April 2016

Temperatures Affect Spring Bloom
Although our winter was mild compared to the last two years, this year's spring temperatures have been a rollercoaster ride. The warm temperatures in March helped our landscapes to awake from their winter hibernation. April so far has been just the opposite, cold temperatures have tender new buds and flowers in harms way. As long as the new flower buds are not open they should be fine. Trees and shrubs that bloom early like magnolias, forsythia, and cherries may be affected by the cold temperatures and may cause the flowers to die off early. Covering your plants is a way to protect them from cold temperatures and frost. Small shrubs and emerging perennials can be covered with blankets or plastic. For delicate plants like peonies placing a bucket over them will work. Most plants are able to recover from the late cold temperatures and frost and will bloom again next year.

Spring Cleanup
With winter behind us and warm weather ahead, Leydon Landscaping is now scheduling our customers for spring cleanups. This service would include the cleaning out of all garden beds, edging, pruning of small trees and shrubs, fertilizing plants, applying weed control and installing our premium bark mulch. For those of you that enjoy added early color to your landscape or enhancing the beauty of your spring bulbs, we can add pansies at this time as well.

Planting Designs
Spring is a great time for planting! Have you always dreamed about having a beautiful landscape but did not know what to plant and how it should look? Have Leydon Landscaping design your perfect outdoor living area using plants that will thrive, have multi-seasonal interest and add value to your home. Our APLD certified designer, Noah Downs, will create a design that will stand out and be enjoyed for years to come.

Visit our newly updated website at www.leydonlandscaping.com to see the various projects we have installed and services we offer. Now is the time to contact Leydon Landscaping to schedule a spring cleanup and discuss your landscape projects with our experienced team.