Plant Pick
A great Pennsylvania native tree to use in your landscape is the Redbud (Ceris canadensis). The redbud is the one of the first trees to bloom in the spring. The branches are lined with very small magenta pink flowers which bloom before the leaves emerge. The tree grows between 20’-30’ in height and has an open round canopy which provides shade in the summer. In the fall the heart shaped leaves turn an orange gold color. Redbuds thrive in moist soil but once established can tolerate drier soils. Cultivars of this tree are also available which have white blooms and also can have weeping branches.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: February 2015

Landscape Forecast for 2015
Garden trends for this year appear to reflect on our personality and the healthy lifestyle we choose to live. We will demand higher standards on products and services that not only are reliable, but have a positive impact on our environment. Listed below are some of the garden trends for 2015.

  • Outdoor living spaces will continue to thrive and be viewed as an extension of the house and a place to entertain.
  • Bold color patterns in mass plantings to be used to show off a person’s individuality outdoors.
  • Edible gardens with fruits, vegetables and herbs will be incorporated into the ornamental garden.
  • Gardens that are sustainable do not just use native plants, but a wide variety plants that won’t require a deluge of insecticides, fertilizers and are drought tolerant to conserve water.
  • Lawnless landscapes are becoming quite popular in all areas, but mainly in drought strickened states. Going lawnless or cutting back on the size of the lawn greatly reduces water usage, maintenance costs and chemicals needed to keep it looking good.

The need to beautify our property and make it a place to relax and entertain is what draws us to be interested in landscaping. With spring approaching it is a great time to call Leydon Landscaping to discuss these trending landscape ideas.

Native Plants
There are many benefits to using native plants in your landscape. These plants help provide wildlife with the habitat they need to thrive by providing food and shelter. Native plants generally grow well in the proper environment requiring less fertilizer, pesticides and water. Many of our native plants have showy flowers, produce abundant flowers and seeds and have showy fall color. By incorporating native plants into your landscape you will be helping to preserve wildlife, use less water and reduce the need for toxic chemicals. Remember a good planet is hard to find.

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