Plant Picks
A plant that has great foliage color this time of year is the fothergilla. This shrub grows best in full sun but can also tolerate part shade and wet locations. It has tiny bottle brush shaped white flowers in the spring and can grow up 6’-10’ tall, or the dwarf variety which grows 3’-5’ tall. In late October is when this shrub really shines with its bright orange-red foliage. Place a fothergilla in your landscape behind smaller plants and enjoy its brilliant fall color when other plantings are winding down for the season.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: October 2014

Deer Problem
One major issue concerning homeowner’s landscapes would be the grazing appetite of the white tailed deer. However don’t give up; there are plenty of deer tolerant plantings that are beautiful with multi-seasonal interest. Shrubs such as the blue blooming caryopteris, evergreen boxwood, spirea, and barberry are just a few examples. There are also many perennials such as nepeta, russian sage, allium, and bee balm that deer tend not to eat. You can also deter deer naturally through planting annuals that give off smells they do not like such as mint, marigolds, or zinnias. Other ways to discourage deer would be to use spray repellants or net plants that you enjoy such as, hydrangea or hosta which are deer favorites.

Fall Cleanups
As the brilliant colors of fall begin to fade soon it will be time to clean up the gardens for the season. Leydon Landscaping Inc. is now scheduling for their fall cleanups. This service includes the cleaning out of garden beds of leaves and debris, cutting down perennials, and the removal of annuals. Pruning of late summer blooming shrubs and a fall application of fertilizer for your small trees and shrubs. In addition to fall cleanups Leydon Landscaping can install deer fencing/ netting and spray deer repellant to protect your landscape plants. We also provide services to clean up and winterize your garden pond. To schedule your fall cleanup call us at (215) 794-3854.

Bulb Planting
As the fall planting season is coming to an end, Leydon Landscaping Inc. is still taking orders and scheduling for bulb planting. For early spring color contact us with your bulb order.

Outdoor lighting
Now that the sun is setting earlier using low voltage outdoor lighting allows you to extend your outdoor activities later into the evening. Whether you want to up light a specimen tree, the front of your house, or a walkway with path lights let Leydon Landscaping help you choose and install the perfect lighting system.