Plant Picks
A great perennial for the garden is the Siberian Iris. With its tall stems and grass like foliage this hardy perennial blooms in many colors such as purple, blue, pink, white, yellow, and wine-red. Plant Siberian Iris in a sunny spot to part shade. They also prefer acidic soil. Don’t worry if they do not bloom much the first year, it usually takes 3 years for them to come into their full bloom. Try planting groups as a backdrop to smaller perennials or annuals, or around your pond which is sure to cast a beautiful reflection.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: May 2014

Annuals Forever
From a small patio container or flower box to a large area, annuals are a great addition to your landscape. They accent your landscape and will provide continuous color throughout the season up until the first frost. Now that May 15th has passed which in our area is considered the last day for frost warnings, it is time to think about adding that wonderful burst of color to your garden. Leydon Landscaping, Inc. can help you design and install the perfect annuals to use for that special spot in your garden whether it’s in full sun or shade.

Are My Hydrangeas Dead?
Coming out of one of the coldest and snowiest winters in decades, some of your plantings might have not weathered it well. One of these plants would be hydrangeas, they might look dead but don’t rush to conclusions yet. Inspect the shrub for green stems and leaves emerging from the base. Due to the extreme cold weather the buds froze and there was stem dieback. The remaining dead stems can be pruned back to the green wood to allow for the new growth to flourish. Hydrangeas that bloom on old wood (flower buds set on previous year’s growth) such as the Bigleaf and Oakleaf will have fewer blooms this year. These hydrangeas should bounce back and flower the following year. The hydrangeas that bloom on new wood (flower buds set on this year’s growth) such as the Peegee and the Annabelle will not have a problem blooming this year. They all may need time to grow back to the height you like due to the winter dieback pruning they have endured.

Outdoor lighting
With evening parties, graduations, and upcoming holidays, now is a great time to entertain outdoors. Using low voltage outdoor lighting will allow you to extend your outdoor festivities later into the evening. Whether you want to up light a specimen tree, the front of your house or a walkway with path lights, Leydon Landscaping, Inc. can help you choose and install the perfect lighting system.