Rose Pruning
The pruning of rose bushes is necessary to keep the shrub healthy. By pruning roses properly it opens them up and creates better air circulation, helps produce new growth and more blooms. The best time to prune roses is right after the last frost; this is done to protect the rose from low temperatures and ice damaging the plant. Another way to tell if the rose is ready to be pruned is when the buds begin to swell, if they have not, then wait until you see this occur. You should remove dead canes, prune thin and crossing branches also. When pruning, it is necessary that you sterilize your pruners before you start and between each shrub you trim to reduce transferring diseases. You can call Leydon Landscaping if you have any questions or if you would like us to prune your roses.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: March 2014

Spring Cleanup
With the snow and ice storms hopefully behind us, we can now start to look forward to the warmer days of spring. The winter storms have caused a lot of damage to our landscapes with fallen trees, broken branches and garden beds littered with debris. Leydon Landscaping is now scheduling our customers for spring cleanups. This service would include the cleaning out of all garden beds, bed edging, pruning of small trees and shrubs, fertilizing plants, applying weed control and installing our premium bark mulch. For those of you that enjoy added early color to your landscape or enhancing the beauty of your spring bulbs we can add pansies at this time as well.

Garden projects for early spring
Early spring is the right time for certain landscape projects such as transplanting (trees, shrubs and perennials) and insect control with dormant oil. Transplanting and dividing of perennials should be done before the plants leaf out or emerges from dormancy. Our crews are highly skilled at transplanting existing plantings and moving them to the desired location. Along with careful planting, a root fertilizer is applied to help ensure root growth and the establishment of the plant. Horticultural dormant oil can be applied to trees and shrubs that have a history of insect problems. By getting rid of these pests safely in the early spring, you will reduce the need to spray pesticides later during the growing season. Leydon Landscaping can provide you with these landscape services.

Planting Designs
Spring is a great time for planting! Have you always dreamed about having a beautiful landscape but did not know what to plant and how it should look? Have Leydon Landscaping design your perfect outdoor living area using plants that will thrive, have multi seasonal interest, and add value to your home. Our APLD certified designer, Noah Downs, will create a design that will stand out and be enjoyed for years to come.

Now is the time to contact Leydon Landscaping to schedule a spring cleanup and discuss your landscape projects with our experienced team