Art in the Landscape
Leydon Landscaping had the opportunity to work with the world renowned sculptor Robert Engman in displaying a replica of his famous sculpture ‘B.K.S Iyengar’ for one of our clients. Engman, who was inspired by the teachings of yoga guru B.K.S Iyengar, created the sculpture in his honor. Through discipline, B.K.S Iyengar finds balance in his life which is what Engman portrays in this sculpture. The original sculpture is located at the Morris Arboretum in Philadelphia. Another well known sculpture created by Engman is called ‘Triune’ and is located near City Hall in Philadelphia also. This spring we look forward to landscaping the sculpture to enhance the beauty and creativity of the piece of art.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: January 2014

Winter is the time for designing
Now that the busy holiday season has passed it is time to get in touch with us with your landscape design needs. Contact Leydon Landscaping Inc. to discuss your dream outdoor living space. Whether it’s a cozy outdoor fireplace, a kitchen for warm weather cookouts, a perennial garden to view from your window or a patio to sit with friends and entertain. With a design completed this winter you could have that dream become a reality, and start installing in the spring. Our Designer Noah Downs can help provide you with ideas and designs to bring color, beauty and excitement to your landscape. Visit our newly updated website at to see the various projects Leydon Landscaping have installed.

Should snow be removed from plants?
With the early snow this season and cold temperatures we may be headed for a snowy winter. The question is should snow and ice be removed from landscape plantings. In most cases snow is a positive for your plants and garden. Snow acts as an insulator keeping the roots from freezing and protecting the plant from the harsh winter winds. As the snow melts it provides much needed water to dry plants in the winter. Natural snow cover even if it is deep usually causes little damage to plants. Most snow damage is man made caused by snow plows, shovels and snow blowers. If you decide to remove snow from your plants, use a broom or your hands and always sweep in an upward motion, loosen it and letting the snow fall. Sweeping downwards or shaking the plant could break branches. Branches are very brittle and can break easily so disturb the plants as little as possibly. If the plant is covered in ice do not try to remove the ice or hardened snow. The branches will break - you just have to wait it out. As spring approaches and with warm temperatures your plants will spring back into shape. Please call us if you have any questions.