Mistletoe is a plant that has yellowish flowers; small, yellowish green leaves; and white berries known popularly as a plant sprig that people kiss beneath during the Christmas season. This custom dates back to the pagan times when, according to legend, the plant was thought to inspire passion and increase fertility. What people may not know is that mistletoe is in fact a parasite that grows on a wide variety of host trees. Mistletoe can reduce the trees growth and a heavy infestation could kill the entire tree.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: December 2014

Winter Gardens
Gardens in a snowy region can look bare and lifeless through the winter months; plants are dormant and lack their brilliant colors. The fact is careful planting through design can lead to an interesting and beautiful landscape against the grayish white palette of winter. Here are a few tips for the winter garden. Although deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves in the winter their branches and trunk become the main focus. Choose plants that have unusual color and distinctive bark. Trees and shrubs that have berries and hold them into the winter add color and can provide food for birds overwintering. Evergreens work well in the winter landscape because of the wide variety of colors in the winter months; they offer shades of blue, green and yellow. Their size and texture can create an interesting focal point to the garden.

Winter check list
Here are some things for your gardening check list that should be done before winter arrives. Make sure your landscape plantings are adequately watered before the ground freezes, especially evergreens. Remove weeds and leaves in the beds that can harbor diseases, insects, and animals that can girdle plants by gnawing at the bark at the base. Protect plants favored by animals as a food source by installing netting or using a repellant spray. Protect pots and containers that are weather vulnerable and may crack due to freezing temperatures. Shut off and drain outdoor water sources such as garden hoses and irrigation systems.

Winter is the time for designing
With a design completed this winter you could have that dream landscape become a reality and start installing in the spring. Our Designer Noah Downs can help provide you with ideas and designs to bring color, beauty and excitement to your landscape.

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