With summer comes the heat and humidity, with long sunny days which brings about dry soil. Your landscape is a valuable asset to your home. Remember to water your trees, shrubs and perennials during a drought or if they look stressed. If plants do not receive the proper amount of water they can become vulnerable to differant types of disease and pests if under stress. Whether you have an irrigation system or hand water, it is better to water deeply and less frequent to encourage root systems to expand deeper into the soil so they are less effected by times of drought. The reason why about 75% of gardens fail is due to lack of proper watering.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: June 2013

Summer Pruning
Now that the spring flowering trees and shrubs such as azaleas, camellias, and rhododendrons are coming to an end, it is the perfect time to prune. By pruning these shrubs soon after bloom you will not be disturbing the buds for next season. When plants stop pushing new growth and that new growth has time to harden off, this would be the time to prune your landscape plants. By pruning at this time plants tend to hold their shape and neat appearance until the following year. Generally the time for pruning in our area is late June through July. If you would like to have your plantings pruned, call Leydon Landscaping Inc to be scheduled.

A favorite annual of home owners are impatiens, but beware of downy mildew. Impatien downy mildew is a destructive foliar disease that may cause complete defoliation or death of plant. The signs of downy mildew would be yellowing of leaves, white mildew on underside of leaf, leaves curling downward, and stunted growth. If you notice that your impatiens are infected, remove plant including leaves that have dropped and dispose of (do not compost). The following year do not plant impatiens in the same location due to the fact that the disease may still be in the soil. A good substitution for impatiens that would do well in shade are begonias.

Landscape Needs
Now is the time to get in touch with us with your landscaping needs. We are installing annuals now for our customers along with new landscape plantings. Our Designer Noah Downs can provide you with ideas and designs to add color and beauty to your landscape.

Outdoor living space
Have you been thinking about enhancing your outdoor living space? Contact Leydon landscaping Inc to discuss installing your dream outdoor fireplace, kitchen, or pond. Visit our newly updated website at www.leydonlandscaping.com to see the various projects Leydon Landscaping have installed and services we offer.