Poinsettia Myth
Poinsettias make a great holiday display with its bright red leaves, but a common misconception is that they are poisonous to humans and pets. Poinsettias which are native to Mexico are a favorite plant for the holidays and come with red, pink or white foliage. Research has found the plant to be non toxic, although if consumed in mass quantities can cause an upset stomach. Far more troubling and toxic if ingested holiday plants would be mistletoe, lilies, and holly berries.


Growing Trends E-Newsletter: December 2013

Happy Holidays
As our season comes to an end, we look back to all the creative landscape projects that we had the privilege to do this year. These projects were only made possible by our clients, who appreciate quality service and trust in a company that strives for excellence. We at Leydon Landscaping would like to thank you and wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. We look forward to seeing you again in the spring.

Winter check list
Here are some things for your gardening check list that should be done before winter arrives. Make sure your landscape plantings are adequately watered before the ground freezes, especially evergreens. Remove weeds and leaves in the beds that can harbor diseases, insects, and animals that can girdle plants by gnawing at the bark at the base. Protect plants favored by animals as a food source by installing netting, or using a repellant spray. Protect pots and containers that are weather vulnerable and may crack due to freezing temperatures. Shut off and drain outdoor water sources such as garden hoses, and irrigation systems.

Damage caused by deicing salts
Salt compounds are relatively inexpensive and widely available, but the corrosive effects on concrete surfaces such as pavers can be significant. Salt is also damaging to the plants and lawn areas in your landscape. A favorable option and a more environmentally friendly one is the compound called calcium magnesium acetate. This product is non corrosive and has little or no negative impact on plantings, wildlife or waterways. While the cost is more than salt compounds in the long run you will be saving money by not having to repair or replace concrete walks and landscaping. This product was once a challenge to find in the past is now becoming more readily available.