Leydon Landscaping landscape design and installation

Landscape Design & Installation

Leydon Landscaping offers landscape design services from a small garden design to an extensive master plan. We will meet with you to discuss your landscaping design needs and preferences. After we have analyzed the existing conditions of your site, we will draw up complete to-scale plans to meet all of your needs. Our specialty is designing gardens that will look beautiful throughout all of the four seasons. Once your garden designs have been finalized, our experienced crews will install all of the planting and hardscaping areas for you using the finest quality plant material and hand picked stone.


Small formal garden with boxwood hedges This colorful small formal garden with boxwood hedges was designed to provide privacy and blend into its historic surroundings.
Country garden designed for color and texture This country garden was designed to allow for easy access. The plantings chosen provide color and texture to the landscape.
Whimsical garden design for color and relaxation This whimsical garden design, with its outdoor benches and colorful landscape, creates a space to relax and enjoy nature.
Sloped areas of your yard can be designed with ornamental grasses, blooming perennials and flowering shrubs. A sloped area can be designed into a beautiful garden with an array of ornamental grasses, blooming perennials, and flowering shrubs.
We design hillsides to enhance beauty and showcase native plants This hillside was designed and installed to enhance the beauty of the home by using colorful plantings.
This formal home entranceway was designed with spring bloom colors to enhance the natural stone The spring bloom color arrangement was designed for this formal entranceway to enhance the natural stone of the home.
This formal scroll garden was designed to be enjoyed from the view of the terrace This formal scroll garden was designed to be enjoyed from the view of the terrace, and becomes a focal point in the landscape.